3 Common Mistakes Bankruptcy Lawyers Help You Avoid

27 July 2022
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Most people don't see the point of hiring a bankruptcy lawyer. Besides, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer will only be an extra expense on their already strained finances.  However, filing for bankruptcy is not as easy as most people assume. Quite often, people attempting to handle bankruptcy cases make costly mistakes. Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer ensures you don't make costly mistakes when filing for bankruptcy. Hence, despite the extra strain on your finances, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can help you avoid the following mistakes. Read More 

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: A Method To Stop Foreclosure

28 January 2022
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If you want to save your house from foreclosure, you will need to catch up on the payments before the lender goes through with the foreclosure. If this is out of the question, you could consider talking to a bankruptcy attorney. A foreclosure attorney can help you file a Chapter 13 case, which stops foreclosure from occurring. Are you ready to learn more about this branch of law? If so, continue reading to learn how this works to stop a foreclosure from taking place. Read More