Keeping Your Car With A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

22 September 2018
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Second only to the fear of losing your home is losing your car. Most people cannot live without their vehicles to get to work, school and the store and this one issue might be the one holding you back from making your financial fresh start. You should know that filing for a chapter 7 bankruptcy does not automatically put your car at risk of being seized, so read on to find out two ways your vehicle is protected. Read More 

3 Great Reasons To Hire An Attorney When Facing Foreclosure

4 August 2018
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Nothing is worse than having your home foreclosed on. You probably worked your entire life to be able to afford a home, and a foreclosure would stop this dream dead in its tracks. You can fight back by working with a foreclosure attorney service, however. They can provide the following benefits to this stressful situation. Modify Your Current Home Loan  Your current home loan may no longer be feasible. Life may have gotten in the way to the point where it's hard to cover these monthly payments. Read More 

The Quick Solution To Debt Woes: The Automatic Stay

30 May 2018
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Many people know that they can file for a chapter 7 bankruptcy and get rid of their debts, or at least most of them. There is, however, another big benefit from filing bankruptcy and it happens before you even know it. Read on to find out how the automatic stay can help you deal with your financial situation in no time flat. Pauses Collection Activity When it comes to being behind on bills, few creditors are more aggressive than credit card companies and collection agencies. Read More 

Considering Bankruptcy? Be Cautious About These 3 Issues

23 March 2018
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If a chapter 7 bankruptcy is likely in your future, you may want to learn a bit about what not to do just before you file. Your financial situation, including your spending, may be subject to a certain "look back" period by the bankruptcy trustee. Read on and learn how to avoid getting yourself into trouble by violating the bankruptcy codes. 1. Don't go wild with your credit cards once you decide to file for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Read More 

Debts That Linger: Chapter 7 And Dealing With Non-Discharged Debts

25 January 2018
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While a chapter 7 bankruptcy is an amazing tool in your efforts to move forward with a fresh financial beginning, you should be aware of some types of debts that require special attention. As you may know, credit card debt is one of the largest debts most consumers own, and the beauty of chapter 7 is the opportunity to say "so long" to all of that. Read on to learn about a few types of debts that may only be discharged under certain circumstances and which ones you'll need to deal with outside of bankruptcy. Read More