Does Your Teen Have Major Depressive Disorder? Your Teen May Qualify For SSI

9 December 2015
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Depression among teenagers is something that is fairly common, unfortunately. In fact, 20% of teens in the United States experience depression before they become adults. However, about 5% of teens experience major depression, which can seriously impact their ability to function. In turn, this can negatively impact the entire family, including the parents' ability to earn a living.  If your teenager (or younger child) is severely depressed, he or she may meet the criteria of having major depressive syndrome, which is listed as a mood disorder and classified as a disability. Read More 

Haven’t Filed Your Taxes In Years? 3 Steps To Getting Caught Up Without Paying Huge Fines

17 November 2015
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If you own your own business or are an independent contractor who doesn't have your federal taxes taken out of your pay-checks, then you know you are supposed to file your taxes every year and pay what you owe when filing. If you neglected to file at all for several years, then you are now facing many cash penalties on top of what you already would have owed each year that you neglected to file. Read More